PQE: NQ - 2
Term: Permanent
Working hours: Full-time
Department: English Property Unit
Location: Glasgow
The role

The role will provide support to the Scottish-based team which forms part of our English Property Unit, whether assisting with English work generated within Scotland or work referred to the team by our London office. Day-to-day work within the team is varied and the role will include landlord and tenant work, in addition to junior assistance with cross-divisional matters in which the EPU plays a key role e.g. real estate and development finance transactions, insolvency transactions, energy deals and support on corporate deals. Some existing experience of property work is preferred.  An English qualification is not required, as full training will be provided. 

Other information

Candidate Profile


  • Exceptional time management skills
  • Exceptional communication skills
  • Strong problem solving skills
  • Relevant legal experience

Technical/Legal Skills

  • Demonstrates appropriate range of legal knowledge and, with assistance, can identify issues outside their expertise and seek appropriate assistance.
  • Demonstrates initiative to obtain relevant information to complete tasks.
  • Produces a solution best addressing the client’s requirements, with guidance.
  • Demonstrates potential to display effective spoken and written advocacy skills.
  • If appropriate, seeks to comply with formalities required in connection with spoken and written advocacy and deals with witnesses and opposing arguments effectively.

Business/Work Management

  • Works as part of a team to attain objectives within agreed timescales and budgets.
  • Keeps all clients and colleagues up-to-date with latest developments.
  • Complies with all firm policies and procedures, including financial.
  • Implements improvements in working methods.
  • Prepares well for meetings with guidance.
  • Makes effective use of the firm’s information management systems, and complies with all legal and regulatory requirements.

Business Development & Client Relationship Management

  • Communicates clearly with prospective and current clients in all contexts.
  • Is aware of the impact of external market forces on clients and identifies trends which may lead to opportunities.
  • Develops effective ways of delivering client solutions with minimum guidance.
  • Developing an understanding of how to build client relations.
  • Developing an understanding of client care issues.
  • Communicates client feedback to senior team members.
  • Developing an understanding of value of activity versus time spent.
  • Participates in marketing activities.
  • Developing effective presentational and writing skills.
  • Understands importance of cross selling opportunities to the firm.

People Management

  • Developing an effective personal presence with partners and colleagues.
  • Demonstrates ability to manage and supervise work effectively with guidance, and to seek or provide support when required.
  • Delegates work effectively to appropriate fee earning and non-fee earning staff.
  • Gives well prepared and presented training sessions with guidance.
  • Supports diversity & inclusion within the team.

Personal Development and Knowledge Management

  • Completes appropriate CPD hours.
  • Maintains an adequate and up to date understanding of relevant law, policy and practice, and to identify where legal research is required.
  • Takes responsibility for personal learning and development, evaluates strengths and limitations in relation to the demands of their work, and reflects on and learns from others. 
  • Undertakes personal study/research to address gaps in knowledge.
  • Utilises internal/external knowledge resources and current awareness information, e.g. libraries, daily current awareness/plc newsletter etc.
  • Contributes to firm’s knowledge resources.
  • Gives well prepared and presented training sessions with guidance.

Ethics, professionalism and judgment

  • Recognition of ethical issues and will raise with appropriate person.
  • Demonstrates an understanding and application of the ethical concepts which govern their role and behaviour as a lawyer.
  • Identifies the relevant SRA or LSS principles and rules of professional conduct, and seeks assistance in applying them.
  • Resists pressure to condone, ignore or commit unethical behaviour.
  • Respects diversity, and acts fairly and inclusively.
  • Discloses when work is beyond their personal capability and recognises when they have made mistakes and takes appropriate action.
  • Seeks expert advice when required, and makes effective use of feedback, guidance and support received.

Firm Contribution

  • Awareness of and, where appropriate, participates in development of team's operational goals.
  • Displays an awareness of organisational goals and has an engaged commitment to team goals.
  • Participates in extra practice events to assist development of firm.