PQE: 3 years +
Term: Permanent
Working hours: Full-time
Department: Infrastructure
Location: Edinburgh (Applications for Glasgow would also be considered)
The role

The focus of the work for the team that this role will be based within is:

Dealing with the construction aspects of major property developments and regeneration projects (e.g. dealing with development agreements, building contracts, bonds and guarantees and professional appointments); significant infrastructure and defence projects; and advising on energy projects (e.g. on shore wind, tidal/wave etc). 

Clients include developers, contractors, public sector bodies, funders and consultants.

Other information

Technical/Legal Skills

  • To demonstrate the appropriate range of legal knowledge.
  • To provide technical advice to colleagues.
  • To produce effective drafts with minimum guidance.
  • To present legal information in an understandable format with minimum guidance.
  • To generate and implement new ideas in specialist areas.

Business/Work Management

  • To identify strategies to manage work in order to attain objectives within agreed timescales and budgets.
  • To keep all clients and colleagues up-to-date with latest developments.
  • To implement improvements in working methods.
  • To prepare for and attend meetings.
  • To make effective use of the firm’s information management systems, and comply with all legal and regulatory requirements.
  • To comply with all firm policies and procedures, including financial.
  • To demonstrate effective time management.

Business Development

  • To develop an understanding of the impact of external market forces on clients identifying trends, and identify trends which may lead to business development opportunities.
  • To develop effective ways of delivering client solutions with minimum guidance.
  • To know main players at each client and build relationships.
  • To demonstrate awareness of client care issues.
  • To communicate feedback to partner/associate.
  • To assist in assessing scope of work and fees within team.
  • To participate in marketing activities.
  • To demonstrate effective presentational and writing skills.
  • To implement cross selling opportunities.
  • To use knowledge as a marketing tool (e.g. eBulletin articles, client seminars, etc.).

People Management

  • To develop an effective personal presence with partners and colleagues.
  • To delegate work effectively to both fee earning and non fee earning staff - including objective setting and feedback.
  • To demonstrate an ability to supervise work effectively.
  • To demonstrate an understanding of expectations and objectives for team on transactions.
  • To give well prepared and presented training sessions.
  • To interact positively with colleagues in other sections.
  • To develop leadership skills on client work and management.

Ethics, professionalism and judgment

  • To recognise ethical issues and seek to address them with the appropriate person.
  • To identify the relevant SRA or LSS principles and rules of professional conduct and seek assistance in applying them.
  • To respect diversity, and act fairly and inclusively.

·       To disclose when work is beyond their personal capability and recognise when they have made mistakes and takes appropriate action.

  • To seek expert advice when required, and makes effective use of feedback, guidance and support received.

Firm Contribution

  • To be aware of and where appropriate to participate in the development of the team’s operational goals.
  • To demonstrate an understanding of the relationship between strategic and operational management.
  • To participate in extra practice events to assist development of firm.
  • To contribute to Knowledge Management goals of the firm.

To undertake any other reasonable duties as specified by the Partners